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stop painting sex as liberation

sex is not a universal want or need

it is not the form of my liberation

from anything

Speak for your self

that’s exactly who im fucking speaking for whiteside. the whole point is that we live in a society which…

That I understand. I don’t believe sex is something that should outwardly implemented in any negative or deconstruction fashion. I was ironically stating my opinion and meant no disrespect. If you know me enough to call me by name then you know that.

Saying “not everyone wants sex” is NOT the same as saying anything negative about sex. The very fact that you read it that way shows EXACTLY why it is important to remind people that being sexual is not compulsory. It’s not an attack on sexual freedom to state the simple FACT that not everyone is sexual. Sexual freedom doesn’t just mean freedom to engage without judgement, it is also the freedom to choose not to engage without fear of judgement- especially because the judgement almost always comes the liberalized community that seems to care oh-so-much about our right to fuck however we want- but as soon as you mention that not having sex is also an option, suddenly you’re an awful person whose attacking sexual liberty.

If I sound pissed, it’s because I am. There was absolutely NO reason for you to make the comment that you did, because that post says NOTHING about denying people sexual freedom, it exists ONLY to remind people that true sexual liberty is about the freedom to say yes AND no. Construing it any other way is literally nothing more than reinforcement of compulsory sexuality.

My argument is and remains that sex can be and is liberating to those who find liberation from it. True: sex does not have to be compulsive. But. What if it is. Does that mean something is wrong with that person impulsive sexual nature. You are eliminating the freedoms that people achieve when the journey, discover, and empower their distinct existence with sex and it many expressions. You, in your statement are limiting sex based on your ideas of what it is, means, and should be. You found liberation through asexuality. That must have been a liberating experience when you discovered what you need and want out of the many headed monster referred as sex.


City Reflection: Photography by Rob Stone 

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i bet my tongue is stronger than yours wanna find out

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Last Clock

By New Mediology

Last clock is an ambient display that paints a visual memory of the last 60 seconds, the last 60 minutes and the last 12 hours in an never-ending loop.

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Schoony’s background is rooted in special effects and prosthetics for the film industry with his career spanning over twenty years. Since the age of fifteen he has worked on over a hundred films mostly based in the UK however his work and reputation for high class pioneering techniques has reached far corners of the world; Thailand on Rambo, Morocco on Black Hawk Down and even as far as Australia and New Zealand working on Where The Wild Things Are and The Weta Workshop. He took the plunge into a new career as an artist to share his passion for life cast sculpture. Schoony took the london art scene by storm in 2008 at mutate Britain’s one foot in the grove on portobello road with his life cast sculptures ‘boy soldiers’. Since then, his new found career has gone from strength to strength. His art has universal meaning for all walks of life. He is one of few artists that use the discipline of life casting as an art form.


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